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NEW!! - Pallet Wrap Hand Roll Test

Can you be sure that you are getting all the film that you are paying for more...

AIRFLOW ULTRA -Vented palletwrap. Avoid time delays or product damage due to condensation or trapped air.
Larger perforation, reinforced banding and enhanced puncture resistance.

ALUWRAP - Pre-cut popup aluminium foil sheets. For cleaner dispensing, no wasted foil, no cutter blades and less production delays ]

THERMOPAC - The new alternative to ice packaging Styrofoam boxes for your chilled or frozen products and no need for thermal controlled shipping

Light to Heavy-duty pre-cut board in stock for same day shipping.

AIRFLOW V's NETTING - Cost savings, easily dispose of, no tie-off or unravelling like netting, stretch film for better load hold.

TINTED STRETCH FILM - Ideal for product identification, stock turnover, warehouse colour coding,

SECURI-WRAP -Is shipping theft a problem. Use Opaque, Coloured stretch films conceals product description and much more..

BAND-IT WRAP - Faster, Cheaper, Cleaner, and more Secure than Twine, Strapping, and Tapes, for your small packing, and bundling needs.

ANTI STATIC BUBBLE WRAP - Protect your electro-sensitive products from static and impact damage. Available on roll, perforated, bags, envelopes, self-seal and sheeted to save time and wastage

The pro's and con's as opposed to manual wrapping.

FOOD BAGS & LINERS - Western Plastics stock an extensive range of PE food grade bags and liners.

SHANNON™ ALUMINIUM FOIL - Western Plastics manufacture an extensive range of premium quality Aluminium Foils.

WP™ CATERING CLING FILM - Western Plastics manufacture an extensive range of premium quality Catering Foil.

CUTTER SLIDES - No exposed blades reusable, slip-on clips, fits most disposable cutterboxes.

FOOD-GRADE SHRINK-WRAP - Fast, clean, manual to high speed automation all use the WP Shrink Line, because it is quality is constant and always the reliable.

NEW ELD0RADO FOILS -Special pricing while Irish trials progress

FREEZER BOXES - Up to 60 hrs freeze time, outside controlled climate.

DELI & MEAT WRAPS - Wider standard stock range now available.


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