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Western Plastics introduces Thermo Pallet Covers a revolutionary new idea in pallet handling.

This high-insulation water repellent Pallet Cover is ideal for handling temperature-sensitive foodstuffs, medicine, blood and chemical products through non- temperature-controlled environments.

Huge Savings: Permits the temporary storage of chilled or frozen goods in a non-coldstore environments for several hours - lowering damage and truck delay costs

Reduced Damage: Thermo Pallet Covers decrease damage rates due to temperature fluctuations during loading and unloading of goods from truck to cold-store or cold-store to supermarket freezer

Light & Easy to Use: Thermo Pallet Covers are simply slipped over the top of the pallet and the pallet can be placed in a shaded environment for several hours without threatening the temperature integrity of the load.

Cost Effective:
Manufactured form highly durable woven polyurethane and polyester, Thermal Pallet Covers are reusable indefinitely.

Hygienic: Approved for food use

Standard dimensions cover pallet:

Length : 1200 mm
Width : 800 mm
Height : 1000 mm - 2000 mm

May be manufactured to customised specifications with Higher Quantities


Length :

1200 mm

Width : 800 mm
Height :
Extras : Bottom Mat to suit
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