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The pre-stretch system drastically reduces film consumption - this means high savings for your operation. The patented Easy-Load system means fast roll changeover. Equipped with a strain gauge, the WP Ecomat allows the operator to adjust precisely the holding force on pallets - thereby avoiding crushing of light or air filled palletized goods and lowering damage costs.

Film carriage is raised and lowered by a concealed belt rather than a chain, for high safety standards and lower maintenance costs - no oiling, greasing or cog damage. Rollers replace bearings under turntable, which allows fast and easy maintenance. Transport Slots at front of turntable make machine easy to move and place - can easily be installed into corner or against wall.

  1. Power Pre Stretch - Low film consumption. High savings.
  2. ‘Easy Load’ System - Fast roll changeover.
  3. Strain Gauge - More control of lay-on force - No Crushing Damage.
  4. Turntable Rollers - Roller bearings mean low maintenance costs.
  5. Carriage Belt - High safety standards and low maintenance costs.
  6. Transport Slots - Easy to move and place.
  7. Soft Start/Stop - Give increased load stability.

Standard Features :

  • Capacity: 15 to 30 pallets/hour
  • Power prestretch EASY-LOAD 260%
  • Controlled lay on force
  • Belt driven film carriage with safety devices
  • Load height detection by electronic photocell
  • Turntable height 70 mm
  • Turntable rotation speed 12 rpm
  • Soft stop/start control
  • Indexed stop
  • Hook to fix the film at cycle start

Standard Options :

  • Extension of pallet height to 2400 mm
  • Access ramp: length 1800 mm
  • Turntable Diameter 2000 mm
  • Pit frame

Specifications :

  Standard With options
Max Height:



Max Length 1,200mm 1,400mm
Max Width: 1,000mm 1,400mm
Max Weight: 2,000kg 2,000kg


Engineered and built for long life and easy operation, these machines are backed by full 1 year warranty and a full in house after sales and service department to maximise machine up-time.

Each machine is individually constructed to meet your requirement and can be customised to your specifications.

Standard Features :

  • A spring brake stretch
  • Home Position: The turntable always stops at the same position
  • Turntable Jog: Can stop turntable at any desired position
  • Both one touch automatic programme and manual run options to suit operators needs
  • Top & bottom wraps selection programmable(number)
  • Height seeking by photo sensor
  • Wrapping tension, turntable speed, carriage speed are adjustable
  • Slowed start and stop, for load stability while wrapping
  • Pause and reset buttons to make machine operation easier
  • Top sheet function
  • Auto reinforcing middle wraps for increased stability
  • 12pcs alloy plastic caster to support turntable

Standard Options :

  • Top pressure plate driven by DC motor
  • 1.8 meter diameter turntable
  • 2.5 meter wrapping height
  • Ramp

Specifications :

Max Wrapping Height:


Max Turntable Speed: 10 RPM
Max Load Weight: 1,500 Kgs
Film Roll Width: 500mm
Core Inner Diameter: 76mm (3")
Power Supply: 100V, 110V,
220V, 240V, 1-Phase


Mach. Name:
Top Pressure Plate :
Turntable Diameter :
Wrapping Height :
Ramp :
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