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 Western Plastics offers a wide range of Foodservice films for use in delicatessens, meat, sandwich and cheese counters.

All of these films are EU approved for food contact and available in a variety of widths and thickness to suit every application from the very small to the very large.

High-cling characteristics suitable for use with polystyrene trays.

Crystal Clear film improves appearance of wrapped products.

  • Low migration film.
  • Adaptable to most deli film dispensers.
  • Manufactured under ISO quality standards.
  • Perfect for avoiding freezer burn and poly entrapment.


  • Wrapping meat slices on tray for point of sale.
  • Wrapping pre-packed punnets of fruits and vegetables.
  • Oversized Rolls Wrap total meat cuts before shipping and intervention.

Standard Sizes In Stock for Immediate Delivery.
Other sizes can be manufactured to customised specifications.


Centerfolded :

Film Width : mm
Film Length :
Film Thickness : micron
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