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Airflow Stretch Wrap  


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Revolutionary AirFlow pallet wrap is a high-strength PE film with purpose designed dye cut holes to permit ventilation.

AirFlow reduces spoilage which conventional stretch can cause by limiting condensation build-up.

AirFlow combines the advantages of netting with the performance of LLDPE pallet wrap.


Standard Machine Pre-stretched Film
    500mm X 4000m

Pre-stretch Machine 250% Stretch
    500mm X1100m

Standard Hand Rolls Pre-stretched Film
    500mm X 500m

Ideal Uses:

Fruit & Vegetables Limits premature ripening during transport and storage.

Condensation Limits build-up of condensation on inside of pallet helping to keep product aired and rust-free; e.g. canned and bottled products.

Carton Manufactured carton can be immediately wrapped/secured before cool-down process.

Frozen Goods Vented pallets facilitate faster freezing process.

Medical Packaging Allows sterilizing gasses to dissipate after palletising.


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